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Why moisturizing is a must

Why moisturizing is a must


You may have asked yourself why moisturizing your skin is so important. Truth is there isn’t solely one factor as to why moisturizing your skin is a must. 

Keeping a good moisturizer in your everyday skincare routine has for example been proven to reduce chances of developing either extreme dryness or oiliness. Both conditions are harmful as they commonly lead to breakouts and in severe cases can lead to acne.  

Another main factor as to why moisturizing is crucial, is because it makes your skin stay young. A moisturized face gives you that boost that your skin to renew itself and stay healthy. And the plumpness after using moisturizer isn’t an illusion, it’s been proven that a rich face cream helps you fight wrinkles.


So now that we've listed the main factors as to why moisturizing is a must you may ask yourself once again ''but when should I moisturize?''. Dermatologists say that the most important times to use moisturizer is when you have exposed your skin to water which could for example be after a bath, shave or peeling. Water is good for several reasons but from a moisturising perspective, not so good as it drains all the moisture and oils out of your skin initially leading it dry. So, a rule thumb is to moisturize your skin every time you've been in contact with water. For some, this might be twice a day. 

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