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Why you should use vegan skincare products

Why you should use vegan skincare products

CARL&SON was created with the goal to use the best of science combined with the best of nature packed in an aesthetically appealing design. We believe that good skincare should not be dependent on age, nor limited to a certain generation of men – it should fit for both CARL&SON.

The conditions of the Nordic weather and the hectic contemporary lifestyle forms the basis of our product development. All our skincare products are developed and manufactured in Sweden. Our philosophy is simple. We want to offer men the best possible solution for their skin that is efficient and give visible results. Accordingly, our team of skilled chemical scientists have developed a range of high quality face care products using only ingredients with a proven record of safety and efficacy. Our products are based on natural and organic moisturizing agents, oils and plant-extracts to specifically target the needs to strengthen the skin barrier, give an instant feeling of freshness and a long lasting hydrating effect. If you're considering to vegan-ising your grooming routine, then here's all you need to know.. 

Many of us are starting to become more aware on what we put in and on our bodies! Since our skin is the biggest organ, being selective when it comes to grooming products should be taken seriously. If you are interested in exploring healthier skin care options as well as keeping your animal friends flocking to your side you should continue reading!

Skin care products can feel like a minefield at the best of times, but if you are looking for skincare products that are also cruelty-free and vegan, no need to keep searching. You’ve reached the golden mine since all Carl&Son’s skincare products are not only vegan and cruelty free, but also free from sulfates and microplastics.

The last decade has been a rapid revolution for the vegan food revolutionary, but this global change in mindset has created a completely new sector of skincare - vegan products.

Although many traditional skin care products claim that they do not test on animal anymore, it might surprise you that many of them aren’t cruelty-free nor vegan. So if you are looking for products that fall into both categories, check your bathroom shelf and see if your current skin care products contains non-vegan ingredients such as collagen, keratin, stearic acid, honey, silk or elastin.

With that being said, Carl&Son offers a man all that you’ll be searching for in your skin care routine.